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24 luglio 2008



Buongiorno l'ha pronunciato meglio Obama che la giornalista! :-p


To the kind attention: Barack Obama
Democrats' official candidate
to the Chairmanship
of United States of America

Obama for America
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, IL 60680

Firenze, 5th August 2008

Object: request for helping Italy


I really hope you’ll read my letter. I hold you in high esteem and I’m sure you’ll achieve good results in politics, as you deserve. I’m writing you with great humility, and I pray you’ll have possibility to receive my words.

I’m only a man who compromised his life to change Italy and is paying a high cost for this, without obtaining anything. I’m only a man who will never stop fighting, to reach positive result. But I cannot do it alone. I need You, Italy needs You. I’m Alessio Sundas, tuscan manager (my fields are fashion ad communication) engaged also in politics: I created a national civic list at my name. If you want, You can inform about it linking to the site www.listaalessiosundas.com. Some years ago I started my battle to return Italy the real concept of meritocracy, but I’m only one of the few Italian men who really believe this value.

Italian citizens are living a paradoxical situation: families are poor, and many times they cannot buy food or dresses. Many times are compelled to run into debts to pay necessary things. I receive letters form mothers who ask me to give them contacts of reach men for their daughters. It’s terrible. In Italy who deserves frequently has the only possibility to go away to find a work. In Italy young men and women don’t have job if they are not sons of someone rich or famous. This is not meritocracy.

Poors remain poor, reach people remain reach. When young people send curriculum vitae to search job, nobody read it. In Italy if you don’t know someone famous in politics or in other fields you are condemned to stay where you are. Women are not sufficiently considered and have to fight against little and great sexual blackmailing. But there is other. Many times in Italy who get terrible crimes becomes famous, because does audience. I cannot accept this. I need Your help, Obama. I need You to build a new Italy together. Please, I pray you to help us. Here the situation is collapsing. To obtain some response from government, I’m actuating provocations that, I hope, will shake public opinion. For example in the last days I’m dispensing a “competition” for returning Italy the real concept of meritocracy.

Last year I became famous for the story of the rom Marco Ahmetovic, chosen by me as testimonial of a campaign of sensitization at national level against the abuse of alcohol before driving car and as testimonial of a line of jeans, accessories and perfumes afterwards offering on the well known site of on line staffs E-Bay. Ahmetovic has been sentenced at six years and six months of imprisonment for multiple culpable homicide and resistance to official audience for having killed in the night between the 22 and 23rd, in the month of April 2007, four young people in Appignano del Tronto while, completely drunk, he was driving his van. Between the polemics, I decided to really choose him, Ahmetovic, to promote the two initiatives, with the intent one of making him a star as provocation to the system.

My intent was to to show that in Italy who deserves does not go ahead, but only who does audience and gets dirty and terrible crimes does it. The provocation obtained the wished effect. For months people did not speak about other than Ahmetovic, until the Minister of Justice Clemente Mastella turned the reflectors off with an aimed investigation.
I hoped that Italy could have understood my message. It was not so. I have dearly paid for the challenge launched with the rom. Ever since I do not live any more. I receive threats by e-mail, I am verbal aggression victim in road. As soon as someone hears pronouncing my name shouts abuse at me. Letters even reach me from jails, in which criminals of several kind ask me to become famous. A true calvary.

Time ago I have planned a proposal of law which would have forbidden the people involved in facts of black chronicle to appear on television. I have transmitted it to senators and deputies and also to Republic President, Giorgio Napolitano, but I have not had any concrete checking. I ask You, Obama, to interest about Italian situation. Families are destroyed and this system has to be changed. Please help me. Please help Italy. I really hope You will read my letter. I really hope to receive some words from You. I’m supporting You in every way. I believe in You.

Yours faithfully
Alessio Sundas

Alessio Sundas
Gruppo Sundas
Via Pratese 111
50100 Firenze (Italy)

Info: [email protected]

Phone: +39 3480411320

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